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Revolutionizing Industrial Automation

Calterio is our leading edge solution in the field of industrial automation, dedicated to transforming manufacturing and industrial processes through cutting-edge technology. Our comprehensive product range includes advanced PLC solutions, a robust Industrial Automation Suite, and state-of-the-art Industrial Appliances, each designed to enhance efficiency, precision, and scalability in various industrial settings.

Product Categories

PLC Range

Our PLC range offers versatile and powerful solutions tailored to meet diverse industrial automation needs.

Compact PLC - WiFi

 A highly adaptable and space-saving PLC with built-in WiFi connectivity, enabling seamless integration into existing networks without the need for additional wiring.

Key Feature: Wireless communication, compact design, easy installation, real-time data monitoring.

Compact PLC - HMI

Combines the capabilities of a Compact PLC with an integrated Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for intuitive control and monitoring.

Key Feature:Touchscreen interface, real-time data visualization, enhanced user interaction, space-efficient design.

Modular PLC

 A scalable and customizable PLC solution designed to adapt to complex and evolving industrial environments.

Key Feature: Modular architecture, flexible configuration, high performance, extensive I/O options.

Industrial Automation Suite

Our suite of automation software tools is designed to streamline processes, enhance operational efficiency, and provide comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities.

Calterio Logic Editor

Empowering Precision in Automation

An intuitive ladder logic editor for creating, editing, and optimizing PLC programs, integrating seamlessly with IoT devices.

Key Feature: User-friendly interface, real-time data exchange via MQTT, support for Arduino (ESP32) devices, robust simulation tools.

Calterio Semantic Modeller (formerly Flow Editor)

Model Your Data, Shape Your Future

A visual programming tool for designing and deploying complex automation workflows using node-based configuration.

Key Feature: Drag-and-drop interface, ISA-95 compliant tag-based configuration, seamless PLC and SCADA integration, real-time monitoring.

Calterio Factory Works (formerly Visual Studio)

Factory Works: Where Automation Thrives

Combines SCADA and HMI functionalities for comprehensive industrial monitoring, control, and visualization.

Key Feature: Integration with MongoDB and PostgreSQL, HTML5 web interface, role-based access control, extensive protocol driver support.

Industrial Appliances

Our range of industrial appliances provides specialized solutions to enhance data management, visualization, and intelligent automation.

SCADA Appliance

A dedicated appliance for SCADA systems, ensuring reliable and high-performance data acquisition, monitoring, and control.

Key Feature: Robust hardware, seamless integration with existing SCADA systems, real-time data processing, secure communication.

Namespace Appliance

A powerful tool for managing unified namespaces in industrial environments, facilitating efficient data exchange and system interoperability.

Key Feature: Centralized data management, compatibility with various industrial protocols, enhanced data security, real-time updates.

Factory Intelligence Appliance

Provides advanced analytics and intelligence capabilities to optimize factory operations and drive informed decision-making.

Key Feature: Predictive analytics, machine learning integration, real-time data insights, customizable dashboards.

Introducing Mexcys

Cloud-Based Smart Manufacturing and MES Solution

Mexcys Streamline is an innovative, cloud-based Smart Manufacturing and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution designed to optimize and transform modern manufacturing operations. By seamlessly integrating with existing automation systems such as PLCs, SCADA, and edge devices, Mexcys Streamline provides a comprehensive and scalable platform that enhances efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

Key Features and Benefits

Comprehensive MES Capabilities

Order Management

Automate order processing from entry to fulfillment.

Production Scheduling

Optimize production schedules with real-time data and predictive analytics.

Quality Management

Ensure product quality with integrated quality control processes.

Inventory Management

Efficiently manage raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods.

Integration with PLCs, SCADA, and Edge Devices

Seamless Connectivity

 Unified integration with existing automation systems for streamlined operations.

Real-Time Data Collection

Gather actionable insights from all parts of the production line.

Advanced Automation

Automate routine tasks and complex processes to reduce manual intervention.

Analytics and Reporting

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and production metrics.

Customizable Dashboards

Visualize data and track performance with personalized dashboards.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate detailed reports to support decision-making and identify areas for improvement.

Analytics and Reporting

Energy Audits

Conduct energy audits to identify inefficiencies.

Smart Energy Management

Implement strategies to reduce energy consumption and operational costs.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Track and manage your carbon footprint to support sustainability initiatives.

Scalability and Flexibility

Modular Architecture

Customize and scale the platform according to business needs.

Cloud-Based Solutions

 Access your MES from anywhere with secure, cloud-based infrastructure.

Mobile and Tablet Access

Manage operations on the go with a mobile and tablet-friendly interface.

Transforming Manufacturing for the Future

Mexcys Streamline empowers manufacturers to embrace Industry 4.0 by providing a robust, scalable, and user-friendly platform that enhances operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities. By leveraging real-time data and advanced analytics, manufacturers can optimize their processes, reduce downtime, and achieve their sustainability goals.

Get Started with Mexcys Streamline

Experience the transformative power of Mexcys Streamline. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing support. Contact us today to learn more about how Mexcys Streamline can benefit your business and revolutionize your manufacturing operations.