smart manufacturing

Smart manufacturing solutions can bring new levels of innovation, productivity, and growth to your operations. If applied correctly, they will reduce operational cost, increase asset efficiency and maximize revenue.

The adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies and processes is shifting from being an advantage point to a necessity to stay in the market. No factory can risk being left behind in the transition to smart manufacturing. If a factory fails to innovate its production process, it risks incurring a Cost of Inaction (COI), which is the cost of the lost opportunity. Furthermore, customers are ever demanding faster delivery of tailored solutions, which in turn requires more complex operations. Simply being able to adapt your production levels based on demand to optimize your supply chain is a key competitive advantage.

But turning your manufacturing plant into a smart factory is not an easy task and requires knowledge and integration of many new and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance, Industrial Data, IoT Cloud Platform, IoT Security, M2M Connectivity, Sensors, or Edge Computing. These solutions need to be scalable and proven to deliver maximum business impact. At the same time, skilled experts are exiting the workforce. So what’s the solution? Bringing in the right partner is the key to successful digital transformation program in your manufacturing plant.

Our Industrial IoT (IIoT) practice is a perfect example of the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). The integration of automation, communications and networking in industrial environments is an integral part IioT, and you can rely on our experience deploying such integrated applications across industries.

Key Benefits of Smart Manufacturing

Improve visibility into costs, efficiency, and quality across factories

Use powerful solutions for collecting operational data in real time, gleaning insights from the data, communicating rapidly, and making holistic and collaborative decisions.

Monitor production performance and predict maintenance failure

Monitor factory efficiency to detect any unusual production behavior using predictive analytics on multiple sources of data. Provide a machine-monitoring platform to detect and predict unusual equipment behaviors and recommend the next best action to fix anticipated failures.

Make better, faster decisions with AI

Leverage machine learning to identify hidden root causes for quality, yield, and other operational issues. Use deeper insights with your experts to make faster decisions and eliminate bottlenecks in production.

Monitor quality and apply best practices training

Use quality monitoring all along the production cycle to detect quality deviations and generate predictive alerts. Run an immediate root cause analysis to identify the sources of a quality issue. Set up best practices training using real data from past quality issues.

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